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We are dedicated to helping you reach your life and financial goals by guiding you toward the most effective ways to invest your wealth.

We put our client’s interests first, and, indeed, as a fiduciary, that’s a legal requirement. Our motivation, however, is not to narrowly comply with the law, but to serve you in a personal way that helps you feel secure about your future.

This approach has a number of practical implications upon the services we provide:

  • We are fee-based—sometimes called “fee-only”—meaning our compensation is exclusively from you—our clients—for services we perform for you. We get no compensation or commission from any transactions we make, so we are under no external influence to make specific investments. That helps keep our investment advice independent and unbiased.
  • With very few exceptions, we create and maintain a financial plan for all of our clients. Why? Because investing without a plan is like navigating in the dark, and we want to shine a light on your path to the future. You’ll get a better result when a regularly updated financial plan serves as the foundation for your investment decisions.
  • We focus on providing the services in the areas our investment advice will have the most impact. For individuals and families, those are financial planning and investment management. In the areas of taxes, insurance, and estate planning we work with your other professional advisors to optimize your financial plan.